Closing a Condo-Cabrini Chasm

After months of working around it, time had arrived to talk about the elephant in the room.

For a year now, at monthly meetings of the Near North Unity Program, area residents have discussed the need for more youth activities, safe-feeling public spaces and meet-your-neighbor events. Together they helped plan last summer’s jazz-in-the-park concerts, a Friday afternoon basketball […]

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From Learn-and-Earn to Slam-and-Jam

“There’s no time to get in trouble.”

If the Near North Unity Project needed a motto this summer, Shelby Tharpe surely nailed it.

It was a sticky-hot Friday afternoon and the 13-year-old was conferring with his buddy, Leon Wilbut, near basketball court No. 1 in Seward Park at the corner of Sedgewick and Orleans streets.

Shelby goes to […]

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Near North Residents Groove to Seward Park Jazz Festival

“Get your coat. Grab your hat. Leave your worries at the doorstep,” crooned Brent Kimbrough to the crowd gathered at Seward Park on a recent Friday night. Not that any coats were needed on this 80 degree evening, but the sentiment was understood. This was a time to enjoy the sounds of jazz and relax […]

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Bridge-building on Division Street

It’s been a neighborhood long divided between have-not public housing residents and have-it-all residents of Chicago’s pricey Gold Coast.  Only now, with the grim Cabrini-Green high-rises gone, many think it’s high time to bridge the old divides and create a diverse-but-unified community on the Near North Side.

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